Thursday, April 2, 2009

VentCalc LDF & New Categories

For those of you who are already using VentCalc to quickly and accurately calculate your required outdoor air ventilation rates, you will be receiving via e-mail later today the updated version (4.4), which now includes the ability to change the Load Diversity Factor, as well as adds new categories from Appendix E and Addendum b.

This update is free of charge to those who already own VentCalc. If you aren't a customer and want to learn more about this program, visit

The changes made for this update:
1. The option to change the "Load Diversity Factor" has been added. This gives the user the ability to select what percentage of the total supply CFM for the system is expected at the minimum load requirements. This value can be as low as the sum of the VAV box minimums or as high as the sum of the VAV box maximums. To set the LDF, click on Systems > Load Diversity Factor

2. Additional Occupancy Categories have been added (from Addendum b). These categories are:
Daycare sickroom
University/college laboratories
Break rooms
Coffee stations
Laundry rooms central
Laundry rooms within dwelling units
Electrical equipment rooms
Elevator machine rooms

3. The "Health Care" categories were added from Appendix E of ASHRAE Standard 62.1-2004. These categories are:
Patient rooms
Medical procedure
Operating rooms
Recovery and ICU
Autopsy rooms
Physical therapy

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